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Use the Power of Your Words

14 Sep 2018

And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters.
And He said…and there was…

Genesis 1,2-3

God promised you in Deuteronomy 31,8 that He will never leave you or forsake you.
Therefore you don’t have to be afraid or down anymore, because God surrounds you with all of His potential. 

You can imagine that just like God describes it in Genesis 1,2. The Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters, and that is how He is hovering around you. But when was the power of that Holy Spirit released?
The Spirit is always there and surrounds you, but it is not until you speak the word that that Spirit can start working and releasing its potential, to call the spoken words into life. 

Your Words have power to either allow Gods Spirit to work in your life or to allow the devil in, and through your words you can either call hate, strife, suffering, failure and defeat into your life (of the devil), OR you can speak Gods words and therefore call love, peace, healing, joy, prosperity and all other blessings into your life. 

Now the only question is: Which of the two do you give power in your life through the words you speak? - God or the devil? 

Words are for more than just for communication. They are powerful and create you, your whole life and your circumstances. Gods words have such power that only one sentence can call so complex, wonderful and to big parts still in-comprehensive things into existence, that the human mind had to estimate our planet to be millions of years old, simply because humans think that it is too complex, great and in-comprehensive to only be created by a few words. 

That is how important and powerful words are and YOU have that same power in your words. In just one sentence that’s spoken in faith and therefore calls Gods Spirit to work, you can change situations, see results and reach goals that you couldn’t have reached in human ability in millions of years!

Use the power in your words and speak only that which you actually want to see in your life!

Words are not just there for communication. They were given to you to create and just like you can create hate, fear, pain and other things with your words, so can you also call joy, love, peace and even fleshy things, like healing, restoration, debt cancellation and other areas of perfect peace into existence.
God (the Spirit) is always with you, because He never leaves you nor forsakes you. But unless you release the words, that Spirit cannot work in your life.
Release the words that you want to see in your life and speak them in faith. Then you will see how Gods Spirit works and creates everything in your life that you spoke! (Genesis 1,1-13 & Deuteronomy 31,8)