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Use your Spiritual Eyes

13 Sep 2018

 And immediately something like scales fell from his eyes,
and he regained his sight.
Then he rose and was baptized...

Acts 9,18

If you are reading this, then you have obviously learned to see with your physical eyes and to use them in your life. Did you already know though, that besides those physical eyes you also have spiritual eyes? 

Our circumstances and our day to day life often takes up all of our thought life, so that we get off track and loose our goals, without even realising that we lost our goal and our ability to see in the spirit along the way. 

It is very important for you to train that spiritual sight though, just like you have to train your physical eyes to live a purposeful, goal orientated and most of all successful life. 

Paul was on the road to Damaskus. He thought that he was doing the right thing and a great work for God, by killing Christians. But in all that he didn’t have his spiritual sight and therefore couldn’t even hear from God, see Him, etc. But once Jesus came to him and chose him to go and preach, all that changed.
His physical eyes closed for 3 days and because of that his spiritual eyes could finally open, so that all of a sudden he could see God crystal clear and so that now he had a goal and vision for his life, which was glorious and reachable with God. 

Just like Paul, it is important that you take time every day to train your spiritual eyesight. Focus in on Gods word, on His promises, good preachings, etc. and spend time with Him. 

That will open your spiritual eyes, until you can only see God and His blessing, His angels and all of His goodness all around you, since opening your spiritual eyes took all the authority away from your circumstances and put it into Gods and therefore your hands.
Open your spiritual eyes, because it is time that you rise above your circumstances and finally live with a clear goal, a vision and a hope. 

All of us can see the world with out fleshy eyes. We know what happens around as und we “think” that we are able to see something. The only problem with it is that as long as you only see through your physical eyes, you will never see in the spiritual realm.
God, His angels, His promises and all other good things are in the spirit realm and as long as you are not aware of them, it will be just like they don’t even exist.
Take time out of your busy schedule every day and train to turn off your physical sight and start seeing in the spirit. That’s how you will always stay focused, have clear goals and visions for your life and most of all be able to reach them! (Acts 9,3-18)