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Let it be done to You according to Gods Word

12 Sep 2018

For no word from God will ever fail.

Luke 1,37

Gods word is powerful and able, and once He releases it, it works and is valid forever! No matter who receives it and when they receive it. His word is NEVER without power!

So what does that mean? 

It means that no matter where you are, what you do, no matter how little success you have or how sick, poor or unhappy you are at the moment, Gods word has the power to get you out of your ditch, as soon as you get ready to receive that word and unleash it’s power. 

I used to think that God just picked Mary to bear Jesus, without respecting her faith. This couldn’t have been the case though, because raising Jesus, starting in the womb, required Mary’s faith!
She was a woman of faith, which means that she didn’t look at the circumstances, what others said, what she learned, whatever theories were taught back then,… she simply believed as soon as God spoke His word! 

The angel told her that she will get pregnant, even though she was still a virgin, and that she would bear the son of God, and all she said to that was: “…be it done according to your word!”
That is faith! And that faith is what opened the doors for Gods promise!

It is not Gods fault that you haven’t received and are still unsuccessful in some areas. God already released His word and now it is up to you to believe that no word of God is powerless and to then focus your whole self on “…be it done according to your word!”

Don’t let your circumstances tie you up. Live above them, in a mindset that makes you receptive to Gods promises.
God wants to birth His salvation (the power that completes you) into you today. Be willing to let Gods word work in your life! 

Nothing of what God promised you in His word is impossible for you to receive, no matter in what situation you are in right now!
Someone else might be closer to the promise than you are, be it healing, success, joy, peace,… but no matter how far you seem to be, be ready to receive TODAY. Ignore all the circumstances, your experiences, the news, new research or other things that tell you that it is impossible and lift yourself up into the position of a receive, by saying: “No matter the circumstances, be it done to me according to your word!” (Luke 1,26-38)