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Being God Inside Minded

06 Sep 2018

 For it is God which worketh in you
both to will and to do of his good pleasure.

Philippians 2,13

God is not somewhere far away from you and watches you do whatever it is you do. God is IN YOU and He wants to bring His works to pass through you, because He enjoys that!

Everything God does, He does up to perfection. He doesn’t leave anything undone and He doesn’t start anything that He won’t finish. Why? - because He is ALL-mighty and able to complete everything He started unto perfection. 

Now He wants to do those works in YOU, with the same power that He created the universe and you, and with the same power that Jesus walked this earth, but He is waiting on you to finally become God inside minded, so that He can bring His perfect works to pass through you. 

So how do I become “God inside minded”? 

That is not complicated. You simply have to understand that God is within YOU now and in every situation, and then you need to begin to not just see yourself anymore, but to see God INSIDE YOU, in everything you do. 

When you touch something or someone, don’t see your hands anymore, but see Gods hands touching that person through you. See Gods arms hugging your partner or your family full of love, not your own. Don’t see your body trying to work hard to earn money anymore, but see God working THROUGH YOU.
When you look into the mirror, don’t see your own flesh any longer, but see the Spirit of God, who fills you out from head to toe and up to every one of your finger tips!

That's what it means to be God inside minded and with that understanding it won’t be yourself trying to do everything anymore, but it will be Gods power working THROUGH YOU, whatever you put your hands to!

God is a God of perfection and everything He does, He does perfect. 
God never changes and now that He moved inside you, He wants to bring works of perfection to pass through you. But to allow Him to do that, you need to become aware of His presence and see Him do the works through you!
When you touch something, see Gods hand touching it. When you work on something, see God working on it through you. When you love someone, see God loving that person! That’s what it means to be God inside minded and that brings Gods perfection into your life! (Philippians 2,12-16)