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Do You believe Rumours or Gods Word?

04 Sep 2018

So they spread this bad report (rumours) about the land among the Israelites...

Numeri 13,32

Rumours are one of the most devastating weapons of the enemy, which he uses to keep you from reaching your goals, stop you from moving forward and sending you into the desert, instead of letting you live in the abundance of the promised land!

Israel is a perfect example of this. They already experienced so much with God: how He split the sea for them, how He supplied them with everything they needed, fought for them and much more, and by now they should really know that their God is ALL-mighty.
Now once they were about to enter their promised land though, they sent spies to scout it. The spies saw everything, even brought nice fruits from the land, but right where they were closest to their promised land, the spies started spreading rumours. And because the Israelites didn’t realise how powerful God is and didn’t listen to His word, but believed the rumours of the devil instead, they walked another 40 years in the desert, instead of enjoying the promised land!

That is how destructive rumours can be and they will also keep you from reaching your goals, just like they did with Israel.
No matter whether people told you that your tests are unpassable, that your sickness is incurable, that your situation is hopeless or that you will never have enough money to supply your family.
All these things are rumours, because they are subject to change and change from day to day and from year to year.

But now how can I resist those rumours and know what is rumour and what truth?

That is real simple. When you know who your God is and when you know Him and His word, then you can expose everything coming against you and realise right away what is rumour (subject to change) and what is sustainable, consistent and reliable!
Gods word never changes and always stays the same, whether you read it or I do. So that means that if people tell you rumours and for example tell you that you will never be able to make it, whereas Gods word tells you that you can do ALL things in Christ which strengthens you, then you have to get rid of the rumour and act according to the truth!

Don’t believe the rumours, and once you understand what Gods will for you is, then the devil will have no foothold left in your life.
Cast out all rumours that still keep you from reaching your goal and finally take the step into your promised land!

Rumours are usually twisted truth or just plain lies, which have caused more people to be afraid and kept them from reaching their goals than you can imagine!
The devil, your enemy, will always try to bring rumours to you, which are designed to cause you to doubt your ability to have success, or even Gods ability in your life. Those rumours were created to keep you from reaching your promises and to captivate you in the situations you are in right now. 
Don’t allow rumours to influence you. Prove them all with Gods word and when they tell you that you can’t do it, but Gods word says that you can do ALL things, then choose to believe Gods word. It will get you to where you want to be! (Numbers 13,25-33 & Philippians 4,13)