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Thanksgiving brings You the Victory

03 Sep 2018

Whosoever offers the sacrifice of thanksgiving glorifies me,
And prepares his way so that I will show God's salvation to him. 

Psalms 50,23

Your privilege to thank God is more than just being thankful, for your thanksgiving releases great power. 

Thanksgiving right after you have seen results and experienced Gods favour is good and important, but thanksgiving was given to you for much more than that.
God wants you to offer thanksgiving, way before you have seen any results in your life, because that thanksgiving prepares a way where there was no way for Gods salvation to come into your life!

That doesn’t mean that God is waiting and testing you, whether you thank Him or not. Gods will is to bring His salvation into all areas of your life right now. But as long as you don’t make a way for it with thanksgiving, it cannot come. 

In Acts 16,25-34 we can see that principle in action. God wanted to save Paul and Silas from that prison, so that they can continue following their calling, BUT it was through their praise that a way for Gods salvation was made and once they praised God, all shackles came off and people were saved. 

So thanksgiving before the victory is visible reveals great faith in Gods ability to save you. That kind of thanksgiving goes hand in hand with faith, because you can only thank Him before the victory, when you are certain that your God will give you the victory! 

So once you received the victory for any tough situation in faith, be it healing, prosperity, success at work, a new job, in your relationship or in any other area, but you just don’t seem to get anywhere, don’t be discouraged. Thank God that your victory is already here, even though you cannot see it yet! 

When you make a way for Gods salvation, then nothing can keep it from your life any longer!

Don’t wait with thanking God until you have the victory in front of your eyes. Praise Him today, for the victory, the healing and the success that you are about to experience, because your thanksgiving prepares a way for Gods salvation to come into your life!
There is nothing the enemy can do against a believer that won’t stop praising God, no matter if He is all the way on top or in the deepest ditch. I can assure you though that that believer won’t be in the ditch for long. 
Don’t wait with thanksgiving until your victory is there. Thank God today and make a way for His salvation! (Psalm 50,23 & Acts 16,25-34)