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Live under Grace, not Law

02 Sep 2018

Moses permitted you to divorce your wives because your hearts were hard.
But it was not this way from the beginning.

Matthew 19,8

I used to think that we need to live under the law and keep all the rules of the old testament (which came through Moses), to receive good things from God, BUT if you actually look at the difference between the new and the old covenant, then that kind of thinking completely goes against Jesus and His death for me and you. 

Gods will for you and for all humanity has never changed and even today He only wants to be good to you. He has always wanted for you to live under His grace, which means that you receive good from Him, even though you messed up, just like He wanted the people back then to live under His grace. 

So then why the law? 

The law was given through Moses because the peoples hearts were hardened. To have a hardened heart also means that those people didn’t want to receive Gods grace and preferred to receive according to their own works, instead of receiving the gifts of God. (It means to work for the gifts.)
So God never wanted the law, but He gave it because the people asked Him to and because they hardened their hearts towards His grace. 

But just like Moses said that you can divorce your wife under the law, just because the people were hard hearted, so did God give the law for the same reason. Just like that divorce was never Gods plan from the beginning though, so was the law never Gods plan either.
THEREFORE He sent Jesus, so that YOU and I, through Jesus, won’t have to live under the law any longer, but return to His grace where you and I can receive, because God is simply good, not because you did so many good things!
That is also how you can live in that complete forgiveness (through grace), where you don’t have to divorce the woman/man, which people couldn’t do back then because of their hardened hearts!

Receive that forgiveness into your life. Receive Gods gift of grace and don’t harden your heart any longer. He prepared the good life for you, but you will only see it when you break free from the law and step under His grace (unmerited favour)! 

God never wanted to give you a bunch of rules that you have to keep, to be His friend and to see His power in your life.
His plan and will for you has always been grace, but He allowed the law to come because the people were so hard hearted. To have a hardened heart means to not want to receive the gifts of God anymore, but wanting to work for them!
You will never be able to keep the whole law though, and because God knew that, He sent Jesus, to renew His covenant of grace with YOU. Receive that covenant and don’t live in His favour because you worked so hard anymore, but simply because you received the gift! (Ephesians 2,8-10 & Matthew 19,5-8)