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Seek Good News, not Bad

01 Sep 2018

...They will kill him, and on the third day he will be raised to life. 
And the disciples were filled with grief.

Matthew 17,23

Nowadays it is not much different than back in the days where Jesus was on this earth, because just like people have negative mindsets nowadays, so did people have it back then. 

Yes, Jesus told His disciples that He would be killed, but that is the only thing that His disciples took note of. They believed that that will happen, but they completely overheard the second part of this verse.
Through their negative mindset, they heard the first part right away and believed it. But then when they were told the best news EVER, which are that Jesus would rise again, by which they would receive all authority, it completely went by them and they didn’t take note of that. That’s why they became filled with grief!

So just like the disciples had a negative mindset back then and therefore only took note of the bad things, so it is in the lives of many people nowadays.
You find negative information everywhere, people trying to bring you down, calling you worthless and discouraging you. The news are usually just negative and they try to put fear on people, and it has even gotten to the point where people get some kind of kick out of those negative things. 

What people haven’t realised though is that that negative mindset is much more destructive than they thought. Just like faith receives and attracts Gods promises, so does fear and a negative mindset attract bad things!
Those fears, worries and negative mindsets are bad for your health, they destroy your environment, bring separation, change your actions and your decisions into the negative and thereby pull your whole life into destruction and separation. 

Now Gods word is the good news though, that will get you out of that negative mindset!
It is time that you take His word and renew your mind with it. Once you understood Gods will, His ways of doing things and His plans for your life, the negative mindset will have to leave.

So stop looking just at the bad news and learn to think positive, to expect good things in hopeless situations and understand Gods favour on your life. Then your life won’t be negative any longer, just like God promised you! 

People nowadays have a negative mindset and negative information along with discouragement usually comes for free. 
That mindset is much more destructive than you think though. It is not just bad for your health, but also influences everything around you, your way of acting, the decisions you make and thereby also your whole life!
Value good news, positive thinking and the good news that God has for you! Shut out all negative influences, think positive and thereby change your whole life into the positive and supernaturally good! (Mark 16,9-14 & 1. Thessalonians 5,21)