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Everything Through Faith

31 Aug 2018

...and all that is not of faith is sin.

Romans 14,23

Everything in Gods kingdom, whether it is His kingdom in heaven or on the earth, functions through faith.
You were born again in your Spirit by faith and just like you entered His kingdom, so should you continue to live, so that you can live in all the privileges of that kingdom.

Everything that is not of faith separates you from God (sin = separation from God) and it therefore separates you from His kingdom, His promises, His presence,…
So without faith you won't see any results in your life and you will live in the same problems, crises, worries, anxieties and sicknesses that the world lives in. 

But what exactly is faith and how does it operate? 

The most important thing to understand about faith is that it is a choice. God gave you all the faith you need to live here just like He lives in His kingdom and to function in the same authority that Jesus had, and He also gave you His word to build up your faith, BUT as long as you don't choose to believe everything you heard, it will profit you NOTHING!

No matter how many plans God has for you or how many blessings He prepared for you, as long as you don't choose to believe it first, you won't get to see them. 
So Gods power only becomes visible in your life once you made the choice. He won't do wonders so that you can finally believe. First YOU have to believe and then you will see!
It is no different whether you doubt Gods existence, His promises or anything else. First you have to believe, even though you cannot see it yet.

So if you did that and chose to believe His promises and to expect them in your life, then call them. Romans 4,17 says that God creates everything by calling the things from the invisible into the visible realm, and that is also how you should act.
Call His promises into your life and then be totally convinced that you already received them, for faith is your assurance that the promises will be in your life.

Finally throw out all the unbelief. Turn away from bad influences that just drag you down, cause you to doubt and thereby destroy your faith. 
That's how you won't have to sit around any longer, waiting on your promises. That's how you will receive Gods whole kingdom and live HERE just like He lives in His kingdom. That is His will. Let it be done! 

Everything, from the beginning of your new life and even in heaven works by the principle of faith. God operates by faith and everything you will ever receive from Him is through faith! 
Faith comes by hearing the Word of God and moreover it is a choice that you have to make. Faith chooses to believe that God exists. It chooses to believe Gods promises and it chooses to believe that you will see them come to pass in your life! 
God doesn’t move to bring your faith up. First you need to get your faith up and then you will see Gods power manifest! (Hebrews 11,6 & Romans 14,23)