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Success comes with God

30 Aug 2018

Commit your works to the Lord,
and your plans will be established/come to pass.

Proverbs 16,3

Isn't that a nice thought? All your plans and everything you thought of as nice coming to pass? Just having EVERYTHING you planned for your day come to pass, without problems, complications or failure? 

Nowadays that almost sounds impossible, BUT thank God that we don't have to live like all the rest of this world. With you and me it shouldn't be "sometimes good, sometimes bad". It should be only good and constantly getting better! 

Your success is in Gods heart and success is one of His characters. He loves you so much that He wants you to have success in everything you do, and if you're asking yourself why it is important to God, the answer is very simple. He wants you to be successful because He wants you to be happy and He wants everyone to see that His children are extraordinary, better at everything, favored and more successful! 

So if you entrust your plans for your future or just for the day to God, then He will be with you in all you do and then you will have success in everything, for if God is with you, success comes automatically. 

That entrusting doesn't just mean to tell God what you planned though. It also means to give Him all the worries, all the fears and doubt that comes with your plans. It means to totally trust Him and to understand that He is with you and that therefore EVERYTHING succeeds.

So if you made your plans according to your heart and committed them to God, then failure is not an option anymore! Gods success is a success that removes mountains, opens every door, brings healing where it seemed impossible, gets you the raise where you didn't deserve it, causes you to reach your physical and spiritual goals and much much more.

Nothing is impossible with God and when you walk with God, success is the ONLY option!

God wants you to be successful in ALL you do, because your success will not only give Him the glory, but make you happy. Success means to accomplish everything you were put here to do, to finish everything you start and to cause everything you touch to prosper!
So in God, you have the ability to finally do what you weren’t able to do before and to finally reach goals that seemed unreachable. Entrust your plans and your thoughts to Him and believe that with God ALL things are possible to you, and you will finally see success, wherever you asked God to get involved in!
(Proverbs 16,3 & Psalm 1,1-3)