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Away with the Looser-Mentality

29 Aug 2018

I can do all things through him who strengthens me.

Philippians 4,13

There are days, moments and situations that you just feel completely powerless, useless or incapable in, or moments where you just don't see any purpose in living. Those kinds of thoughts and feelings, combined with the pity and other people telling you that it's okay, have often had terrible consequences.

BUT THANKS be unto God, for you, through your relationship with Him, don't have to be powerless, incapable and without purpose.
God saw something so great, wonderful and purposeful in YOU, that He, in all His wisdom, knew that it would be worth it, for Him to give Himself for YOU! 

Don't blaspheme and ignore God and His gift to you. The gift that He payed for with His own blood.
You have great, godly potential in you and you have great purpose, so great that you could never grasp it, if God just laid it out in front of you all at once.

So come out of your looser-mentality and put on the new godly one!
As long as you sit in the dirt and others are just smearing it all over you (that is pity), because you were so bad, useless, etc., you will never move forward, because you are not leaving your past in the past. You're taking it with you wherever you go. That's why your future isn't bright, unless you leave your past (looser-mentality) in the past and look forward in faith, unto your victory! (Hebrews 10,39) 

So if you made the choice to not look back any longer, constantly running into the wall, but to look forward instead, then your sight and your life will brighten up and you will be able to see yourself the way God sees you. With great potential, authority and purpose!

Then you are ready to follow Gods plan for your life, to not get stuck anymore and to move forward in life, stepping into the mighty and godly works that are already prepared for you, a step at a time!

If you are feeling weak again, powerless, unable to do anything and don’t see a bigger purpose than just existing in your life, don’t stay there!
Throw out that looser mentality and put on a new one. God saw something in you that was so great and wonderful, that He, in all His wisdom, knew it would be worth it to give Himself, just so you can live out your new, full potential! 
There is Gods kind of potential and great purpose in you. Let God reveal His plan to you, follow it a step at a time and let your past be the past, not your future! (Philippians 4,13 & Hebrews 10,39)