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It's Up To You

28 Aug 2018

In returning and rest you shall be saved;
in quietness and in trust shall be your strength.

Isaiah 30,15

Nowadays many Christians are still waiting for the day that they will see Gods power, His miracles, etc. and they tell themselves that they just have to wait on God now, until He finally comes and brings blessings.
That teaching is widely spread and many believe it, and they will even tell you how God is just being slow and that you have to be patient and wait on Him, for it is not His will for you to be healed, to experience guidance, wisdom, abundance, blessings, etc yet.

If you thought like that and thought that you have to wait on God to give you any of His promises, then renew your mind so that you can receive right HERE and NOW!

None of the promises are pending. There is no promise that God still has to give you, because He already gave you EVERYTHING when Jesus died for you. Healing, prosperity, peace, joy, wisdom, guidance,… are all complete works that were prepared for YOU to walk in! Now it is up to you to walk in them!

Isaiah 30,15 says that in returning and in rest you will be saved. In quietness and in trust is YOUR strength.
It is time for you to turn back from your own ways and to enter Gods rest. Become quiet and trust in God in all you do, for blessed are those that look unto Him in all their ways! (verse 18).

So there is no day far off in the future that God has picked in His wisdom for you to receive healing, prosperity, peace or guidance. The day that you will live in all of them is available for you right HERE and NOW, but now it is up to YOU to come to rest, to turn back from your old ways, to follow the leading of the Spirit in all you do and to look unto God.

That is how you will get your prayers answered (verse 19), how you will see the teacher (20), how God will lead you (21), how you will receive showers of blessing, how your income will be rich and plenteous (23) and much more! 

When will the day come, that you, I and all believers don’t doubt and act against what God tells us on the inside? When will we just listen and obey, because we know it is for our best? When will the day come, that you cast down your idols and let God bring His showers of blessings? 
The day that that will happen for you is not somewhere far off in your future and in Gods hands, but it is your decision right NOW that counts! 
Come to rest, return from your own ways, follow the leading of His Spirit in you and expect Got to come through in all you do. When you do that, your bright future will be HERE! (Isaiah 30,15-23)