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God gave Himself

27 Aug 2018

He who did not spare his own Son... 
how will he not also with him graciously give us all things?

Romans 8,32

This verse is one of the greatest verses in the bible, yet it still brings up twisted thoughts and doubt with some people, just like it used to do with me.
Every time I read this verse I just thought:
“How could God send His son, if He loves all of His sons the same way.
Why would He send His son, that had no guilt and that He loves just like He loves me? Would He also sacrifice me if it would help many?” 

This verse made me uncomfortable. Once I told myself that this must be one of those scriptures that I just don’t completely understand yet and that that’s why I have this twisted image though, God could show me what actually happened. 

God and Jesus are two and yet they are one. God is a trinity God. Three parts and yet they are one. 

With the natural mind this is hard to understand, but if you renew your mind you will see that God actually gave Himself, only so that He can give YOU ALL things!
When Jesus hung on the cross, so that you can get true life, God gave Himself for you. That’s how much you were worth to Him, so that He gave Himself for you, so that this terrible suffering wouldn’t have to happen to YOU… (1. John 3,16) 

That’s the only way God could give you all things, and that present He gave you is called grace (unmerited favour).
In this gift are all promises of the old covenant and now the new covenant promises were added to that, only that now you don’t have to work for them and keep the law 100% of the time. Now you only have to receive this grace. It’s a GIFT. 

Renew your mind concerning the love that God has for YOU, that He would give HIMSELF so that you can get saved and live a good life, in complete peace and victory.
That revelation will change your life forever and will make you into a king under the King of kings, so that you reign in this world and in your life! 

When you look at the promises of the old covenant (testament) and think that only that belong to you, then it is time for you to understand the depth of Gods love towards you and step into the new covenant!
Through Jesus you don’t just have access to the old covenant promises, but through Him you also have the better promises added to that! (Hebrews 8,6) 
With Jesus you already got healing, prosperity, success and everything else that you could wish for or need! Now receive it! (Romans 8,32)