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Shake off the Fear too!

26 Aug 2018

But Paul shook off the snake into the fire and was unharmed.

Acts 28,5

Many people make it a few steps forward in life, receive healing, joy, can forgive or have success,… but then the fear and worries come in and destroy everything. 

But why does this happen and what can I do about it? 

The reason is that it is usually pretty easy to get rid of the disease, the grief, the unforgiveness or the misfortune (since it is a choice), but the problem is that you never got rid of the fear and worry of that thing, the same moment that you got rid of the sickness, grief, etc. 

Paul was bitten by a poisonous snake, BUT he knew that God is well able and willing to protect his life, and that is how he shook off the snake and with it all his worries.
That’s how that snake, which was already shook off, couldn’t hurt him any longer and only that is how God got glorified!

The people around Paul didn’t know that and were just waiting on him to fall dead, and Paul probably heard them talk about it too, BUT he had no worries/fear about that situation and that is how the poison couldn’t work in him. 

Where did you forgive someone, but never got rid of the fear of that person doing it again?
Where did you receive healing, but never got rid of the fear of the symptoms coming back?
Where did you pray for someone, but the fear and doubt of it not coming to pass was still there?

That fear and those worries are a killer and they steal your faith and thereby all your ability to live in Gods promises!

Do it like Paul did and shake off all cares the same moment that you shake off the problem. The people around you probably won’t believe it and will try to tell you that it happens to everyone and that you should be afraid, BUT if you don’t let that move you and KNOW IN WHOM YOU HAVE BELIEVED, then even those people will see that you are a son and ruler in Gods image! 

Once you shook something off, don’t allow the fear of it to stay with you. With the problem, shake off all fear and worries and don’t turn back, because that fear will kill you. 
When you forgave someone, get rid of the fear that tells you that they will do it again. When you received healing, get rid of the fear of it coming back. When you prayed, don’t tolerate the fear that tells you that it won’t come to pass. …
That fear/worries decide over the efficiency of everything you do. Don’t let them in and you will come out on top! (Acts 28,1-6)