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The God of Peace

25 Aug 2018

 And the fear of the Lord fell upon all the kingdoms...
and they made no war against Jehoshaphat.

2 Chronicles 17,10

We often think that we have to fight the devil day in and day out, that life is a single battlefield and that there is simply no time to rest, but in the midst of all that it is time for you to realise that there is a rest, which you can only enjoy in God!

So if you just run from battle to battle and try to keep the devil out of your territory as good as you can, but just wear yourself out doing so without victory in sight, then you took a wrong turn and now it is time to find Gods rest once again. 

Yes, you have to fight, but you don’t have to toil and you don’t have to wear yourself out, because the fight that you fight is the good fight of faith, in which you already won and walk from victory to victory. The devil is already defeated and now it doesn’t take much to put him back under your feat. 

So what it is all about and how do I remain in that rest? 

Josaphat is a great example of this. He went and took courage in his heart, to follow God, and because he followed God, God gave peace in his land!

So if you are just constantly fighting to get peace, instead of following God to get His rest, then you will never enter into that rest.
It is not the fighting that will bring you rest, but it is you following God!

So if you got off track and have no strength left to fight, realise that you are not on the right path anymore and get back on the right track. Follow God so closely that you step on His feet if He just stops for a second. 

It is not your fighting that will bring you peace, but it is God leading you into peace, BECAUSE you follow Him. In that peace the devil won’t be able to get to you. Instead he will have to give up his own treasures to provide for you. 

  • That describes the victor that you are in Christ!

You don’t have to run from battle to battle, trying to win them all to finally get the devil off of your territory.
God is with you and simply by you following Him, He already helped you many times and provided you with more than you realised. Look into your life and let the Spirit show you where God already acted and provided for you. Then take courage and start following God so closely that you bump into Him if He just stops for a second. That’s how He can give you peace, so that your enemies won’t even dare to fight you! (2. Chronicles 17,3-12)