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Spread His Kingdom

23 Aug 2018

And God is able to make all grace abound to you,
so that having all sufficiency in all things at all times,
you may abound in every good work.

2 Corinthians 9,8

God knows best how to spread His kingdom, but to see His plan succeed He needs YOU. 

Back in the days this always sounded negative to me. I thought it meant that I can’t have anything anymore and have to give everything up to preach as a poor man, BUT then I finally realised what Gods plan actually looks like.
God put all the promises in the bible for YOU, but behind it is something even bigger. Behind those promises is Gods plan to extend His kingdom. 

Your testimony should bring people to God. People should look at you and want to come to God by just that, instead of you having to convince them and just making a fool of yourself. 

God wants you to always have joy, so that people can see it and want to have the life of joy you’re having.
God wants you to always have all sufficiency in all things (even financially) so that people look at you and want to have that life!

To live that life which glorifies God and spreads His kingdom is the most wonderful life that you could ever imagine (and even better than that)! 

God wants to give you abundance in ALL THINGS, so that you don't just have “more than enough”, but so that you have TOO MUCH!
God wants to give you so much joy that it can flow over on all people around you too.
God wants to make you so full of health, that people just look at you and feel better already.
God wants to give you so much prosperity that you can give to many others and bless them, just like God blessed you. 

That is a life for Gods kingdom. Start with spreading His kingdom today. Take your eyes off of your own needs and look for possibilities that bless those around you real good!

When God says that He wants to give you abundance in all things, then His kingdom is always the greater thought behind it. 
Abundance doesn’t just mean enough for yourself, but it means TOO MUCH, so that after all your needs are met you have MUCH left over to bless those around you and spread His kingdom!
Don’t settle for “just enough”. Reach for the abundance and pour Gods grace into the life of those around you! (2. Corinthians 9,8)