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Don't let the Devil bring You Down

22 Aug 2018

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Proverbs 4,18

The devil often comes to bombard your mind with thoughts of failure and defeat. He will try to remind you of how bad your past is, how hopeless your future is,… BUT in the midst of all of that you need to take authority in your life and over the devil and rebuke him back under your feat! 

Especially when the devil comes and tries to tell you that you will never be healed, that you will never get that raise, that you will never be able to support your kids or that your marriage is hopeless or that your past is too bad to just forget it,… you need to get up, shut the devil up and start to remind him of his past and future instead of allowing him to talk you out of your blessing!

Remind him that his past is the worst out of all of them. Being thrown out of paradise and having all authority taken away form you, with no hope of ever returning. Remind him that Jesus made an open show of his defeat and showed everyone what a looser he is.
Then remind him of his future. A place of suffering and dis-ease, prepared just for him (hell), with no chance of ever getting out. To be defeated and living under the authority of every believer.
It can’t get any worse than that! 

Then if you are done reminding him of all that, show him the blood of Jesus that washes your past away and open Proverbs 4,18 and remind him of your future.
Your path is like the morning sun, shining ever brighter!

That means that you get out, that you get healed, that you get that raise, that you can support and bless your kids, that your marriage is restored and made pure and that you only go from glory to glory and victory to victory, until you are finally with your Daddy, to rule and reign with Him for all eternity!

Remind the devil of that and be bold. He has no right to disturb you and bring destructive thoughts into your mind. Then praise God and shout loud, because the victory is yours. That is how you will scare the devil back into the rathole he came out of! 

Next time the devil tries to tell you how bad your past is or how hopeless your future will be, be bold, shut him up and remind him of his past and future instead. His past, being thrown out of heaven, and his future, eternal suffering,… it can’t get any worse than that.
He is the last one that should be talking about anyones past or future. Then go to proverbs 4,18 and read it to him. Once you are done praising God for your victory, he will be gone again, hiding from you in some rathole!
(Proverbs 4,18 & Colossians 2,13-15)