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Yes, You Can!

21 Aug 2018

...I will put my laws on their hearts,
    and write them on their minds,...

Hebrews 10,16

“You can never be enough in the word anyways…”; “You can never pray enough anyways…”; “You can never spend enough time with God anyways…”; “You can never give enough anyways…”; … 

I am sure you have heard some of these expressions before, but the question is - is that really true? 

Those sayings are usually used to justify people just not doing anything. The thought behind it is “I can’t please God with it anyways, so why do it at all”, and even though most people don’t look at it like that, those expressions are saying that God is unreasonable and senseless. That God expects you to do things that are impossible for you to do. 

That is not the case though! God is not a God that expects you to do things that are far above beyond your limits and just not fair anymore. 

Hebrews 10,15 says that God gave you His spirit so that He can write Gods thoughts (words) on your heart, so that you can follow them.
So that means that you don’t have to pray for 10 hours, read your bible for 5, worship for 2 hours and then fast 40 days to please God. It is not about the time, but about your heart! 

What did God put on your heart? If He told you to read your bible for 5 extra minutes, then do it. If He told you to take some extra time to spend in prayer with Him, then do it. … 

Look into your heart and then follow Him. That’s what it means to be free from the law and under the new covenant, where He speaks directly to you and where you can also completely please Him, make Him happy and even become His friend. 

God is not an unreasonable and senseless God who expects you to do things that are just way too big and impossible for you. 
So then could you ever be in the word enough? Pray enough? Spend enough time with Him? Give enough?… The answer is YES, because God is not unreasonable!
He gave you His spirit so that He can talk to your spirit and write on your heart what to do, when to do it and how to do it. If you just listen to that inner voice and follow it, no matter what you do, then you will do enough of everything, please yourself and also please God. Just follow Him!
(Hebrews 10,15-16 & Jeremiah 31,31-34/35)