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Resist in Prayer

20 Aug 2018

The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.

James 5,16

If there are still people in your family, among your friends or just in your environment, that haven’t found the freedom in God and in faith, then don’t give up hope, because your prayer is well able to save those people!

No matter how far they seem to be from God, it is important that you don’t despair, but approach it like you should approach all other things in your life - with the Word of God. 

God told you that the prayer of a righteous person (a believer), the prayer of faith, has great power in its working.
1. John 5,14-15 also says that if we know that we ask according to Gods will, we received it by faith already and THEREFORE it is our guarantee (faith = guarantee) that it will come to pass. 

God wants your family and everyone around you to get saved (1. Timothy 2,4) and now it is up to you to not sit around any longer, worrying about them, but making the decision to believe Gods word instead and speak the prayer of faith as the righteous believer! 

“I receive______ into Gods kingdom! Satan, you have NO power over them any longer and I bind you in Jesus name. Their hearts are ready for Gods word and they will receive it and they will come to the full knowledge of Gods grace. I cast out all doubt and I am sure (I know) that they will be saved!”

That is a prayer of faith, not of doubt. 

Once you prayed that over your family or other people, then stick with that and remind yourself daily, that they are already saved by faith and that it will manifest.
Don’t doubt and stay strong in faith, NO MATTER what they do, what they say or how far away from God they seem to be. 

Your faith is working in them and it will save them with 100% certainty, if you simply don’t give up and stay strong in faith. Either you give in and give the devil access to their life again, or you stay strong and they will get saved. 

The weaker will align with the stronger and in God you are ALWAYS the stronger one and more than able to overcome.
Be the stronger one. Be the one that keeps believing! 

Never stop praying for your family, your friends, those people around you and anyone that God put on your heart, because the prayer of faith has great power in its working!
Become aware that it is Gods will for those people around you to get saved, and once you got that revelation, resist in prayer, bind all evil forces that are still holding those people back and then receive them into Gods kingdom!
If you stay strong in prayer like that and never quit believing for their salvation, then everything that is holding them back will eventually come off and they will join you in Gods kingdom! (James 5,13-18 & 1. John 5,14-15)