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See the Glory in your Life

19 Aug 2018

Did I not tell you that if you believed you would see the glory of God?

John 11,40

Many doubt Gods authority nowadays, His will and His ability to act right HERE and NOW and do miracles, and many even think there is no God at all. All this is only the case though because they haven’t seen it yet!

Just because you haven’t seen healing, prosperity, peace, liberty, success or God himself in your life doesn’t mean that these things are not His will for your life, that He is not existent or incapable. It simply means that YOU haven’t made the decisions to believe His word in all of these points. 

God cannot act legally in your life without YOU giving Him access. That means that as long as you don’t make the decision to give Him place in your life, He won’t be real to you and you will look into your life and into this world and not be able to see a God. 

Now if you make the choice to give Him place though, by believing in Him, then He will become real to you and you will be able to see Him and His works in your life. 

Faith is a choice. It is not that someone is just better at believing or has more faith than you. Everyone has the same potential to believe, but faith will only be released if you choose to believe it, even though you cannot see it.
Now the best thing about this is that once you made the choice to believe in God and believe His word, even though you cannot see it, He will become visible to you that same moment and you will be able to see Him!

So if you don’t know God as your healer, your God of prosperity, of peace, inner rest, success and supernatural things, then don’t put it off as wrong or not real.
Go to His word, find the promises that apply to your situation and then CHOOSE to believe them before you can see anything. Then God will be able to act and then you will see His glory, even in areas where you though that He simply cannot do anything in! 

The reason why some of Gods promises and sometimes even God himself doesn’t seem real is that you haven’t made the choice to believe!
Faith doesn’t come automatically. It is a choice and when you choose to believe then Jesus promised you that you will see the glory of God!
So if you haven’t experienced Gods healing power, His success at work, His peace in your family, His supernatural promotion,… then choose to believe it now and YOU WILL see it in your life! (John 11,17-44)