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Stay Steadfast

17 Aug 2018 present you holy and without blemish
and unreproveable before him:
if so be that ye continue in the faith, grounded and stedfast,
and not moved away from the hope of the gospel...

Colossians 1,22-23

The devil is nowhere near as strong and mighty as it is often said. We often think that he has a lot more power than he really does, because he is already defeated and stripped of all power and authority. So everything that he has left now is to pretend to be a roaring lion (which he is not!).
He can’t even choose who he wants to devour himself, because he can only devour those that fell asleep and got drunk on all the problems, circumstances and things of this world. (1. Peter 5,8) 

All the devil has left to get you off track and bring you down is suggestions and thoughts which he brings to you in the “right” moments, when you aren’t alert and sober minded enough to be steadfast and stand strong on the hope of the gospel (good news), which already brought you victory in Christ. 

So if you have problems in an area or if something bad happened, the devil will come to bring thoughts of fear, defeat and cares to you. He will try to tell you that you are a nobody, useless and weak,…
But that’s exactly the point where the decisions between victory and defeat is made. 

If you are not steadfast, hold your ground as victor and resist those thoughts of the devil, they will change your thinking and talking in such a way that it will bring you defeat.
Now if you are steadfast and hold on to the anchor of your soul though, by knowing that you are the victor and the devil just a defeated foe, then he will have to flee and the victory will be there once again!

Be steadfast and hold on to the hope of the gospel, which you are hearing. You are the victor and no matter what comes, the devil cannot take that away from you, as long as you don’t allow him to. 

In the midst of temptations, problems, cares and fears, you have an anchor for your soul (emotions,…), which is the hope of the gospel! 
The devil will always try to bring thoughts of defeat and failure to you, by telling you that you are worthless, useless and weak, BUT in the midst of all that you need to resist him and stay strong, because you have Gods word and His promise that you are the victor and more than well able to win this battle of the mind. 
Be steadfast and remind the devil of your victory and his defeat, every time he comes against you. You are the victor. Don’t let go of your victory!
(Colossians 1,22-23 & Hebrews 6,15-20)