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Feed on the Bread of Life

16 Aug 2018

It is vain for you to rise up early, to take rest late, to eat the bread of toil;
For so he giveth unto his beloved sleep.

Psalms 127,2

To lead a life of victory, it is not enough to just think positively and treat the people around you well. A life of victory requires discipline.
The whole mood and even the things that will happen in your day are often already determined by the last few things you did before you went to sleep and with the first things you did, right after you got up. 

Every evening and especially every morning you have the choice between the bread of toil, which can also be translated with sorrow and being scared, and Jesus Christ, the bread of life. 

To feed on the bread of life means to spend time in Gods word, to pray in other tongues, to listen to good preachings,… instead of turning the TV on right away and taking in all the bad news, reading articles about terrible accidents and new krises and just keeping bad reports in front of your eyes. 

That doesn’t mean that watching the news is a sin, but to expose yourself to those sorrows and cares by watching news won’t bring anything positive, good or profiting to you (it is vain).
Now if you choose the bread of life though, it will bring to you exactly what the name already promises - life (highest form of blessing a being can experience)! 

Stop feeding your spirit with negative, worrying and toil bringing things and get surrounded by the word of the living God instead.
That’s how you won’t have to sit up long and get up early, just to worry and toil. God will even give blessing to His beloved and friend in sleep! 

It won’t benefit you to eat the bread of sorrow (fear). It only has negative effects! 
Now Jesus is the bread of life though and if you eat of Him, you will only have good, because God gives blessings to His beloved in sleep!
You have to decide what you feed your spirit with. Do you feed on bad news, horror movies and other things that produce fear and sorrow or do you feed your spirit with good preachings, the word, praise and worship? (Psalm 127,2 & John 6,35)