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Reveal the Truth

15 Aug 2018

Neither is there any creature that is not manifest
in his (the word of Gods) sight:
but all things are naked and opened unto the eyes of him
with whom we have to do.

Hebrews 4,13

In the life of every believer and also in your life there is a mixture of two camps. On one side there is the weak, brittle and unstable camp of the devils lies, to which the system of this world belongs, and on the other side is the godly, mighty and unchangeable, to which Gods promises and His system belong. 

Now it is up to you to decide in which camp you want to live and what side you want to fight for though. Do you allow the lies of the devil to get to you, do you trust in your own ability and still rely on your inconsistent feelings OR do you believe Gods word, live by His power and trust in His unchangeable and always powerful promises? 

So once you chose Gods camp, it is time to start using His weapons too, to cut off all the weak and unstable things, so that the godly and mighty can become visible in your life. And the weapon to use is the word of God!

The word is powerful and well able to cut off all the fleshy and changeable (emotions,…) from the spiritual (eternal). It always reveals the truth and NOTHING can hide from it!

So if you use Gods word in your life, stay in it, practise it and enjoy it, then it will cut off all things that are still holding you back and making you weak, to reveal the core of your existence (Christ with all authority). 

The word will reveal Gods truth (the only truth since it is consistent and unchangeable) and nothing will be able to hide from it, if you start releasing His word through your mouth. Then the devil will have to admit that he is defeated and that YOU are the victor, and then the victory will be visible in all areas of your life!

The life of most believers is a mixture between the weak and changeable things of the devil and this world and to a small amount the godly, mighty and unchangeable fruits of the spirit.
But God didn’t want this for you and so He gave you the word, to cut off everything that is weak and subject to change, to reveal the godly and all mighty! Use the word of God in your life and it will reveal the unchanging truth, in every situation. And the truth is that you are the victor and the devil a defeated foe!
No one can hide from the word and as soon as it is released through your mouth, the victory will be visible in your life! (Hebrews 4,10-13)