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Train Your Spirit

09 Aug 2018

... for while bodily training is of some value,
godliness is of value in every way...

1 Timothy 4,8

Training your spirit is not much different than training your body. Just like your bodily training happens in the physical realm, spiritual training is done in the spiritual and with spiritual equipment. 

To reach your goals in physical training though, it is important to have a role model, so that you can work towards it and become more and more lik it. That is no different in the spiritual. You have God (the Spirit) as your spiritual role model and so you should be working towards getting more and more like Him.
The best thing about this is that you have the potential in you, to become just like Him, and that it doesn’t depend on Him to change you, but that it’s totally up to you to release that potential by training your spirit, just like you would train your body!

Now despite the fact that physical training is good, you should never practice it instead of spiritual training, because with a well trained spirit you are not only able to control all spiritual things and all your circumstances, but also your whole body. 

For material (flesh) to even exist it needs a spiritual origin. Just like God (the Spirit) created the whole material world and just like it would fall apart if He would simply take His Spirit away from it, so do your problems, your lack, your sickness and your anorexia have a spiritual origin.
So now if you train the Spirit instead of trying to solve every one of these problems by yourself, you will be able to change all your circumstances out of that spirit and call Gods promises into your life right HERE. His promises are for you right here and will be there for you for all eternity! (1. Timothy 4,8) 

Get out your bible, read and study it, listen to faith filled preachings, read good books and become one with Gods word, which is spirit, even though it has a material part to it (1. Tim. 4,8)
You train your spirit with that word and you can use it to train your spirit up to perfection, so that you can truly act and live as fully empowered ambassador of God himself. 

Stay with it, train with passion and don’t let loose, no matter how you feel. That’s how you will become more and more like your spiritual role model, right up until perfection!

While bodily training is only of some value, it should never be practiced instead of spiritual training, because you are spirit and not body and your spirit can control everything around you, including your flesh!
You have to train your spirit and teach him Gods ways, so that you can function just like God (the Spirit) does, after you are done with your training. 
God is your role model and that’s why it’s time to train your spirit with God, the perfectly trained Spirit as your goal. You have the potential in you. Now it is up to you to unfold it! (1. Timothy 4,8-11)