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Heaven-approved Prosperity Plan

06 Aug 2018

Owe no man any thing, but to love one another...

Romans 13,8

God tells you to owe no man anything, because your depts will keep you from walking in perfect love and keep you from ruling and reigning, even though you were called to be a king under the king of kings! 

When you have debts, then they will hinder you from walking in perfect love and will not allow your love to be complete (without hindrance). This is because as long as you cannot even pay your own depts, how could you help out the needy, expand Gods kingdom or do something good (money connected) for your neighbour or your own kids? 

Proverbs 22,7 even says that the borrower is servant to the lender. And if you have looked at Gods will for your life and His calling, then you will know that you shouldn’t be a slave, but a king, ruling here on earth, just like God rules in His heavenly kingdom! That’s why God is the king OF kings. The king that you should imitate as ambassador. 

That is why God wants you to be debt free. You were called to walk in perfect (unhindered) love and to rule as king, yet debt will keep you from both of these things. 

But now how can I get out of debt? 

That is not a question that you should wrestle with for long. When God tells you to do something then He NEVER sends you out without the equipment you need to get there!
He even told you how He reigns in His own kingdom, so that you only have to imitate Him, to see the same results. (Debt free, streets of gold, gates out of a single pearl,…) 

Mark 4,26-29 shows you His way of doing things, which is: Sowing a seed that brings 30,60,100fold and even more harvest. 

That is the heaven-approved prosperity plan, given to you. And now if you sow your seed in the good ground, it will bring you 30,60 and 100fold (Mark 4,20) and you will finally be able to live as the king that you should be, in complete and perfect love! 

The main reason for why God wants you debt free is because He wants YOU reigning as king under the king of kings and walking in perfect love!
You shouldn’t owe anyone because debt will keep you from being free enough to bless other people and to therefore live in perfect love. 
You were called to walk and reign in perfect love. Begin to practice that by stepping on the path that God has prepared for you, to get you out of debt, so you can finally live the love life, in which you can enjoy yourself and where you can bless others just like God blesses you! (Proverbs 22,7 & Romans 13,8-10)