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Let the Word do the Work

05 Aug 2018

The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me...
to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord
[the day when salvation and the free favours of God profusely abound]

Luke 4,18-19

Now is the acceptable year, the year of Gods favour. But when will it start being visible? When will it get to the point where His grace flows out of the spiritual into the material and His good plan for all people manifests, just like it does in heaven? 

The answer to that question is simple. - When we start proclaiming His word! 

You were anointed with the His Spirit to announce release to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to send forth as delivered those who are oppressed, to tell the poor that Jesus removed their poverty and to thereby proclaim the year of Gods favour, here on this earth. 

But now what is the favourable year for the captive, if he doesn’t get set free? For the blind, if he doesn’t get his sight back or for the poor, when he doesn’t get rich?
That’s why it’s Gods will to free you from all BONDS, to remove sickness, to give you abundance and to make you whole, no matter in what area you are still lacking in. That is the acceptable year (year of favour) that you should proclaim! 

But now why only proclaim? 

Gods word is alive and full of power and just like God creates with His word, so can you call His promises into your life by your words.
So when you proclaim Gods words of freedom to the captive, it will set him free! When you proclaim Gods word of healing to the blind, it will give him sight! When you proclaim Gods word of prosperity to the poor, it will make him rich!

Gods word has the whole power and it is now up to you to proclaim HIS word in your life, so that the word can do the work and change your life in a way you could never have by yourself.
It is not just a nice message without power. His word has all power and will change your life into a year of favour, when you proclaim it! 

The word of God is alive and full of power and it is that power that you should put your faith in and let it work for you!
As soon as you released the word in faith by speaking it, the word will start working. In that moment it is not limited by your ability anymore, but unlimited through Gods ability, because He is all-powerful. 
It is your calling to let your faith grow by staying in the word, then proclaiming that word and finally watching it work Gods perfect will and bringing you the hoped for victory! (Luke 4,18-19 & Hebrews 4,12-13)