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The Promise is still Yours

04 Aug 2018

Lean on, trust in, and be confident in the Lord with all your heart 
and mind and do not rely on your own insight or understanding.

Proverbs 3,5

Nowadays many people are dubious about the power of Gods word and they even doubt that His will is something good. Yet every time this doubting doesn’t come from Gods word, but from experiences and wrong interpretations that people had. 

Just because you stood on Gods word once and receive His promise in faith, but then turned away from that, went the wrong direction and then fell (and this happens to everyone), it doesn’t automatically mean that Gods word doesn’t work and that you should abandon faith. 

It might be that you started of in faith and in the word, but if you then went your own way right after it doesn’t mean that you cannot turn around now and get on the right path that leads to your promises. 

So if you noticed that you have gone the wrong way and came off track, even though you started with Gods word, then follow these 4 steps: 

First go back to Gods word. Ask Him for wisdom and open your spirit to it. Let Him show you where you went off track. (2. Timothy 3,16)
Then overcome your pride and admit that you went the wrong way. (That is true repentance)
Thirdly go back to the point where you got off track and step back onto Gods path, which leads to your promise.
Lastly forget those things that are behind (how badly you messed up and how you went the wrong way) and reach for all those good things which are in front of you now, since you are on Gods path again. (Philippians 3,13) 

Gods word, His plan for your life and His promises to you don’t change, no matter how bad you might mess up. Therefore you can simply turn around and get back on His path and forget those things which are behind. 

Now if you think all this is too much work though, then I have an even better solution for you.
Before you make some rash decision and take off running, sit back down, go to God and ask Him what the right way in your situation is. That way you won’t ever have to take the wrong way again. 

Just because you got off track sometimes by making rash decisions instead of asking God, it doesn’t mean that Gods word doesn’t work!
There are probably situations in your life where you started of with a promise, but then got off track and fell, by trying to take it into your own hand. That doesn’t mean that the promise isn’t for you though and that it doesn’t work. Go back to the word and let God show you where you went wrong. Then go back to the point where you got off of Gods path and step back on it, because the promise is still yours! 
Or if you don’t want to do all that, take time to ask God BEFORE you make decisions! (Proverbs 3,5-6 & 2. Timothy 3,16-17)