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Humility Exalts You

03 Aug 2018

...Instead, in the true spirit of humility 
let each regard the others as better than and superior to himself...

Philippians 2,3

Humility is often linked with self-contempt in todays way of thinking and therefore brings up a negative mood, when places like “humble yourself under the mighty hand of God…” are read.
Now once you understood what humility actually means though, you will be able to read this verse in 1. Peter 5 and rejoice every time. 

Humility doesn’t mean self-contempt. Just like Philippians 2,3 describes, it means to think more highly of the other one (God), since you understood how much stronger God truly is, compared to you!
The bible even goes further than just thinking more highly of the other one and defines humility as expecting nothing of yourself, but EVERYTHING of God. 

So when you hear humility, you should never think self-contempt or something negative, but only “I expect NOTHING of myself, but EVERYTHING of God.”
If you renew your thinking to that and practice it in your life, then your humility will lift you up out of any circumstance and exalt you to the point where you receive wealth, honour, favour and the true life. 

You are not as strong and almighty as you think and you weren’t created to deal with everything going in in your life. God made humility available to you so that your trust in His power will give Him access to your life and help you reach goals that are impossible to reach with men. 

Humble yourself under the mighty hand of God today, because now is the favourable time and now is the day of salvation, on which this mighty hand will exalt YOU! (1. Peter 5,6 & 2. Corinthians 6,2)

Humility is not self-contempt. it is knowing that God can do whatever you are doing right now better than you could ever do in your own ability. 
Humility means to realise that God is able to do everything that needs to be done and to therefore not to expect anything of yourself, but EVERYTHING of Him!
When you humble yourself under the mighty hand of God like that, then this hand will exalt you and bring you out on top, where riches, honour, favour and true life is! (Philippians 2,3 & Proverbs 22,3/4)