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Receive the Word

02 Aug 2018

Hear, O my son, and receive my sayings,
and the years of your life shall be many.

Proverbs 4,10

Gods words promise His children not only long life, but also the true life year after year.
The original words translated “years of your life” are 2 words and one express the intactness of life, while the other means year after year.
So that means that Gods word promise you the true, godly and fully intact life (with nothing broken), that is also referred to as the highest form of blessing of any being. And all that if you will only receive His words!

The word has all power and just like the word created everything you can see, so can it also create new things in your life, depending on which words you take hold of.
Do you take Gods words which promise you the true life, year after year, and which will also call that into your life, or do you take the words of this world that only proclaim poverty, loss, crises, sickness,…? 

Gods words are also never changing and even when crises come and go, when symptoms are sometimes there and other times not, or when your partner is sometimes in a good mood and other times not,… you can always rely on Gods word, because no matter your circumstances, His word always overcomes and brings what it promises. 

Gods word was given to you to make you whole and complete and to restore everything to you that the devil stole. (Be it healing, joy, peace, abundance,…)
It has the power to create all the things in your life that are Gods will for you and since His will for you has always been paradise, His words will change your circumstances into paradise. 

You are an ambassador of God and ambassadors should speak the words of the ones who sent them! (John 3,34) 

Stop trying to change Gods word and just take i, as your consistent, always reliable and sustainable truth.
Take time to read it, study it, believe it, live it and feed on it, just like you feed your flesh daily. 

That’s how you’ll stay full of the word and that’s how His word can unfold His power and fulfil His promises. 
Gods word is here. Dare to release its power into your life! 

Gods words are not only the key to long life, but also to the true life, which you should live year after year! 
The life that God talks about here is not the “just getting by” kind of life. It is a life in the highest form of blessing that a being can receive. A life in the manifestations of Gods promises and in heaven on earth. Gods words are here to make you complete and to restore everything to you that the devil stole. Give yourself to His word, read it, believe it, live it and feed on it daily. 
The God kind of life, year after year, is what you have been dreaming about all along! (Proverbs 4,10-27)