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Gods Instructions

31 Jul 2018

My son, pay attention to what I say;
    turn your ear to my words.

Proverbs 4,20

When I think of Salomo, I always think of wisdom, prosperity, wealth, success, honour and many other positive things, in which he surpassed all the rest of this world and maybe even you in your current situation. 
Now it is true that he was especially blessed by God, but that doesn’t mean that YOU aren’t especially blessed too. 

You are even so blessed, that you have EVERY single blessing of heaven, which means that you have all the power it takes to live in heaven on earth, just like Salomo could do it in part! (Ephesians 1,3) 

So now that you are blessed at least as much as Salomo, it is time to learn how to step into that blessing and how to bring it into your material realm. And that is exactly what you can learn of Salmono here, because He knew exactly how to do it!

In proverbs 4, especially in verses 20-27, there are at least 4 of the most important things that you need to do to live in that blessing, and that is what I want to share with you, so that you can change your life and adapt it to the word which is life to you and all your works and healing to all your flesh. (Verses 21-22)

Point number one - “keep your heart safe” - verse 23
You cannot allow negative influences into your heart, because they will force Gods word out. Don’t allow doubt, negative words, discouragement and other things like that to take root in your heart. 

Point number two - “only speak words of life and blessing” - verse 24
Your words can snare you or make a way for you, depending on whether you speak good and positive over yourself and your circumstances or not. Don’t be whining, constantly complaining about how bad everything is and magnifying the bad things. 

Point number three - “always keep your goal in front of your eyes” - verse 25
When you have a path and a goal on your heart, don’t let anything get you off track. Other paths might often seem easier and quicker, but the path that God has for you is the only one on which you can get the fullness of joy, peace and everything good. 

Point number four - “always plan ahead and think through where you are going to go and how you are going to get there, before you just take off running in any direction” - verse 26

And lastly - “go straightway towards your goal” - verse 27

God blessed you with all blessings that you require to live in heaven on earth, but to materialise and finally enjoy them, you have to get Gods instructions.
Always keep your heart safe and let nothing negative in. Only speak words of life and blessing. Always keep your goal in front of your eyes and let nothing get you off track, always plan ahead and then go straightway towards your goal!
That is the path to success, breakthrough, prosperity, honour and much more. Take Gods advice and enjoy His best! (Proverbs 4,20-27)