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Don't be Intimidated

30 Jul 2018

They were all trying to frighten us, thinking: 
“Their hands will get too weak for the work, 
and it will not be completed.” 
But I prayed: "Now strengthen my hands."

Nehemiah 6,9

Especially in times where you are doing well, where everything is going good and you are just about to finish your work, your enemy will often come to scare you with lies, so that you let go of your work and not finish it. 

That’s just how it was in Nehemiahs life. Just as he was about to finish rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem, his enemies came to him with lies, to get him to quit.
First they sent him a normal invite, to get him out of Jerusalem so that they could kill him outside, but once they noticed that it won’t stop Nehemiah from completing his work, they made up lies to get him scared, to finally get him out of Jerusalem. 

So now no matter if you are just about to finish your house or to pay it off, if you are just about to have your final exam or if you are about to complete any other thing in life, the enemy will try to put fear on you to get you to quit early.
But no matter how much he tries and no matter how real the lies might sound, take Nehemiahs story as an example and don’t fall for them.
Realise that it is an attack of your enemy and then pray just like Nehemiah did: “And now strengthen my hands!”

Now is not the time to let go and throw in the towel. You are just about to finish your work. Don’t be frightened and keep pursuing your goal with strengthened hands. It belongs to you! 

Before your enemy can get you to stop completing whatever it is you are doing right now, he has to bring fear into your life, because choices that are made in fear are never the right choices. 
Realise this technique of the enemy, don’t let fear get you off of your work and keep pursuing your goals with strengthened hands. 
Don’t be intimidated. Complete your work in power! (Nehemiah 6,1-9)