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Pursue Peace

29 Jul 2018 peace and pursue it.

Psalms 34,14

We often have important decisions to make, which might influence our whole life, and maybe that is exactly the kind of decision that you are facing right now. - But now which way do you go? 

Many would like to have the answer to that question, and once you come to the point where you want to hear from God and go His way, you already made a big step, but now what is the way that God prepared for me? How can I be sure which way the right one is?

God makes that decision real simple. Maybe you think that it will require some big miracle with earthquakes, thunder and lightning, to show you the right path, but God simply says: “…seek peace and pursue it!”

God is a God of peace and on the right way that you are trying to find right now, He has already prepared peace for you. So look into your heart and find out which of the options you have peace about. Because the option that you have peace about ist the right one, because Gods presence has prepared peace for you already. 

Now this doesn’t automatically mean that it will be the easiest way. It might even be the hardest out of all your options, but as long as you have peace about it, God will be present and His presence makes the hardest path into a nice walk on His mighty hand. 

So find peace and purse it! 

When you are facing decisions today, be it big or small, always remember to look into your heart and see what option you have PEACE about. Peace doesn't always mean that it will be easy, but it means that GOD IS PRESENT and therefore cause it all to come to pass! 
The right choice is always the one you have peace about. Therefore find peace and pursue it! (Psalm 34,14/15 & Colossians 3,15)