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Only One can Carry Them

28 Jul 2018

Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand,
that he may lift you up in due time.
Cast all your anxiety on himbecause he cares for you.

1 Peter 5,6-7

When God is carrying someones care, it doesn’t mean that He is sitting in heaven, worrying about someone. 

It means that He pays strong attention to you and that He knows you, your situation, your feelings and everything around you to the smallest detail. But even more than that it means that He cares for you completely, provides you with everything you need, protects you in all areas of live, ensures that you are healthy and prosperous, restores everything that is broken and keeps your whole life under the blessing. 

All that is included when God says that He cares for you. 

“Now if that is the case, why do I still not see all these things in my life?”
If that question came up in you, then go back to the verse we started with. 
There it says that YOU first have to humble yourself, BY casting all your cares on Him. Only then He can exalt you in due time, which is HERE and NOW. (2. Corinthians 6,2) 

So humility doesn’t mean to be crushed by his own burden (cares). It means to throw them ALL on God, so that He can lift you back up and show you His salvation. 

That humility is so important, because only one can carry the care in your life. Either you carry them, by worrying day in and day out, or God carries your care, because you gave them to Him and are now living care-free. 

But know, that the one that carries the care also carries full responsibility for your situations and circumstances. When you don’t cast your cares on Him, then YOU are completely responsible for working out your own salvation. But when you gave God your cares, then HE is completely responsible for bringing you victory. And God will never let you wait on Him!

So step into humility TODAY und cast all your cares on God. Don’t be worried about your children, your house, your job and the rest of your life. let God carry the care and let Him bring the blessing into your life by doing so. 

When the bible says that God cares about you, it doesn't mean that He is sitting in heaven worrying. Him caring refers to Him paying serious attention to you, protecting you, providing for you, keeping you healthy and wealthy, restoring everything broken and keeping you in THE BLESSING.
So STOP carrying your own care by worrying and let Him care for you instead! 
(1. Peter 5,6-7 & Psalm 55,22)