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It is Your Choice

27 Jul 2018

But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

Joshua 24,15

Just like Joshua had the choice to choose God or to go against Him and just like you have the same choice in your life, so it is in all other things that have to do with God. - YOU always have the choice and therefore the deciding word! 

We often think that God just does whatever He feels like in this world, that He chastens who He wants, heals who He wants, when He wants and gives peace, life, blessing and prosperity just to whomever He feels like. 
And even though this might make it a bit easier for you to explain all the good and bad in this world and in your life, it is not biblical and therefore not truth. 

Just like you had the choice to come to God from the beginning, so do you also have the choice between blessing and curse in every situation of your life. 
Deuteronomy 30,19 says that we have to choose between life and death and that we will only see God working in our life, once we choose Him. 

That means that YOU choose whether you receive His blessing, whether He chastens you (correcting you in the Spirit), whether you get healed, live in prosperity, peace, joy,… or not. 

You have much more influence over this than you have though and now that you know it, learn to use that influence correctly! 

You believed and confessed that Jesus is your saviour, to get born again, and now you can use the same method to choose all the other things of God in your life. 
“I choose to receive Gods wisdom!”; “I choose to be healed!”; “I choose to not die yet!”; “I choose to live in prosperity!”; “I choose to enjoy peace in my family!”;… 

That’s how you give God access in all areas of your life and that is how you will realise how good God truly is and how much blessing He actually wants to bring into your life!

Just like you had the choice to believe Gods word and receive Him from the beginning, so do you still have the choice right here and now, to let Him work in your life or not. God doesn’t do anything in your life without your consent and that’s why YOU CHOOSE between receiving life, death, blessing, chastening, peace, joy, prosperity,… or not receiving it. Therefore choose the good and the blessing and confess it. 
“I choose_________.” (Joshua 24,14-18)