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Simply Relax!

26 Jul 2018

A heart at peace gives life to the body...

Proverbs 14,30

Only few still know what it means to relax, to have peace and to just live a relaxed life. We think that our peace and rest depends on our work or our circumstances and we think that we could only live in peace, if our work and our circumstances changed. 

Now that is not the case though. No matter where you are and no matter your circumstances, if you never learned to rest in God and don’t know how to practice that inner rest/peace, then you will be stressed out at work, at home, in holidays or wherever you are. 

I am certain that you already know that stress and turmoil is nothing good, but did you also know how to overcome them? - By the Word of God!

When you are facing stressing situations or when turmoil tries to come into your heart, don’t just jump on the wagon with everyone else. Instead realize that it is not good and then proclaim: 

“I remain in the rest of God and NOTHING can take my peace! I remain in the rest of God.” 

When you proclaim that, then something will happen in your Spirit and in your way of acting, which will cause you to calm down and be at rest, despite your circumstances.
When you learn to recognise stressing and restless situations and then not just take off running, but instead proclaim the word, no matter if you have to proclaim it 50 times a minute, then you will keep a rested and peaceful heart and will enjoy the rest of God at work, in your family and in your holidays! 

Rest quickens your Spirit, your soul and your body. Treat yourself to it! 

To relax and live with inner peace doesn’t depend on your job, but much more on your ability to rest in God. Stress and turmoil will always come, no matter where and what, so constantly practice the rest of God in your day to day life. If anything stressing comes up, proclaim: “I remain in the rest of God and NOTHING can take my rest/peace away!”
When you live that, then you will have a peaceful, relaxed and most of all long life, no matter how much is going on around you!
(Proverbs 14,29-30 & Exodus 33,14-17)