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Yes You Can!

25 Jul 2018

I can do all things in Christ which strengtheneth me!

Philippians 4,13

At certain points in your life, when you face challenging situations, when it looks like there is no way out and all hope is gone, your enemy will try to force his looser-mentality on you. 

See, he is the biggest looser there ever was and when you are failing yourself, it will make you feel better to know that others are failing around you too. That’s why he tries to force his looser-mentality on you. 

Now that you know this though, also know that YOU have the greatest victor and the most successful and smartest being that exists on the inside of you.
So when challenging and impossible looking situations come your way, you NEVER have to tuck your tail between your legs and hide somewhere. You can step out and say: 

“YES, I can! Victory is impossible to have in my own ability, BUT the anointing (Christ) on me and in me makes me WELL ABLE!” 

Train yourself to live with that “YES, I CAN” attitude. 
When you are facing tests, trials, sickness, distress, relationship problems, etc., always think: “Yes, I CAN overcome and turn it into blessing!”

That is the mentality to causes you to move forward beyond your failure into the blessing, to the point where you can look back and gladly say: “Yes, I did it!”

It is Jesus and His anointing in and on YOU, that enables you to overcome anything and everything. And by you saying: “Yes, I can through His anointing.”, you release Gods very power into your situation and then victory is inevitable! 

Your enemy will constantly try to force his looser-mentality on you, especially in tests, trials and challenging situations. That mentality is what really disables and paralyses you though, to the point where you don’t even want to get up anymore. 
If you are in that situation, there is HOPE. YOU have the greatest victor of all times living inside you, and when you change your looser- to a Christ in you-mentality, you will be ABLE to overcome anything! 
Never again say:”This is impossible. I can’t do it!” - YOU can do ALL THINGS through Christ in YOU! (Philippians 4,13 & 1. Samuel 17,41-54)