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Speak THE Word

24 Jul 2018

Get up, take up your bed, and walk.

John 5,8

It is good to come together, to talk about Gods word, to look at different topics and to get new viewpoints, but when it comes to seeing results and breakthroughs in your life, then talking ABOUT Gods word won’t help much. NOW it is time to SPEAK the word. - Not to talk about the word, but to actually speak it! 

Gods power is released into your life, not when you talk a lot about His word. It is released when you start speaking the word itself. 

Just like Jesus didn’t try to convince the man at the pool, that it is Gods will to heal him or started arguing with him, and just like He didn’t first ask if it was okay to say exactly the words that He said, so should you also never be drawn into discussions and others opinions, when it comes to calling the promises of God into your life! 

God gave you His word and you also have a word on your heart, right here and now, pertaining to your current situation. 
Don’t go to seek others opinions now and don’t ask if it is the right word for your current situation, because that is how you will talk it to death and cause the word to loose it’s authority (power).  

Speak exactly the words that God gave you over your situation, no matter if it is religiously or politically correct, or if it’s slang! That is the word that will save you, since it is Gods word to you and for your situation. 

There comes a time when it is not time to talk about the word anymore, but when it is time to speak the word of God. And those are the times in which you finally need results! Wonders/breakthroughs/results happen when the word of God is released through YOUR mouth and not through argumentations. 
You have a word of God on your heart for your current situation. Dare to speak it and see the effect of the mighty word! (John 5,1-9)