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Who do You say that He is?

15 Jul 2018

“You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.”
And Jesus answered him, “Blessed are you”…

Matthew 16,16-17

This simple question, “Who am I?”, that Jesus asked His disciples, is still discussed a lot nowadays and some say that Jesus was a prophet, others say that He was a teacher, and some even think that He never existed. 

Now it is totally unimportant what other people say though and which one of these opinions you might support, because none of these will actually bring results in your life!
Only if you got the revelation that Jesus is the CHRIST, and understood what that actually means, only then can He change your life and only then will you receive Gods blessing. 

So no matter what others say about Jesus, the only thing that matters is: What do YOU say about Him?
What do you say about Him when it comes to eternal life? What do you say about Him when it comes to your prosperity? What do you say when it comes to your healing, your peace, joy, relationship, or anything else? - Is Jesus your Christ in those situations too? 

No matter your situation, as long as you cannot say that everything is blessed by God, that you have perfect peace and that you enjoy a personal relationship with God, you have not fully come to know Jesus as your Christ, because blessed includes all these things! 

Change your words today and declare Jesus as the Christ and thereby yourself as victor in Him, in ALL areas of your life, and you will see that only what you say about Him changes your life!

It never matters what other people say about who Jesus is. All that matters is who YOU say that He is!
Your revelation of Him determines the level of blessing that God can bring into your life and the person that truly understood that Jesus is the Christ and everything that comes with that, is blessed, has perfect peace and has entered a personal relationship with God himself! So who do you say that He is? (Matthew 16,13-19)