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You are NOT the Provider

14 Jul 2018

And the tempter came and said to him:
“If you are the Son of God, command these stones to become loaves of bread.”

Matthew 4,3

When I heard this verse in a sermon the other day, God spoke directly to my heart and rephrased this sentence in a way that makes the devils intention clearer.
He said: “If you truly are the son of God, provide for yourself!” 

That was where the devil tried to attack Jesus. Jesus was hungry and so the devil comes and says: “If you truly are as great as you think, then provide for yourself!”

Now the devil is speaking that same temptation to every single one of us, usually in situations where we experience lack. And even though we can see how to react to it, we often yield to the temptation.

“If you truly are such a good parent, then provide for your kids!”
“If you truly are that successful, then provide for yourself!”
“If you truly are such a nice guy, then provide for your relationship!”
“If you truly are…, then provide!”

Those are examples of how the devil brings that same temptation, and he brings it especially in situations where it looks like your family won’t have enough to eat, where it looks like the money is not enough to pay all the bills and where it looks like you have lack in some other area.

Now that you have the example of Jesus though, don’t fall for that temptation any longer! God is the only one that can truly provide for you in every area and He is the only one that should provide for you. He will supply ALL your needs if you just look to Him as your source and not yourself, especially in tight situations! (Philippians 4,19) 

Whenever the situation gets a bit tight, when you’re running out of food, when it seems like you can’t pay your bills, or when it looks like you’re just not good enough, the devil will come and tempt you with things like: “If you really are such a good worker, such a good parent, so successful, etc., then provide for yourself/your children!” Someone telling you that YOU are the one that has to provide though, is a temptation. Always remember that GOD is the only one that can supply all your needs and look to Him. He is the provider and He will NEVER fail you!
(Matthew 4,1-4 & Philippians 4,19)