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Don't Tolerate Fear

13 Jul 2018

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear;
but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

2 Timothy 1,7

Many people are scared of a lot of things nowadays. There are huge lists with all kinds of fears that you can possibly have and people often think that you are naive if you are not scared of anything. Yet all these things are only the way they are, because people have not fully comprehended how destructive fear actually is!

You probably know the law of faith by now, that through faith you can call Gods promises into existence and that faith is meditating on the promises of God, but did you know that fear is also a kind of meditation?

Just like faith meditates on all the good things that are going to happen to you, fear meditates on all the bad things that could happen, and just like faith calls the good things into existence, fear calls the bad things. (Job 3,25)

Even more than that, fear hands all the authority that belongs to you over to your enemy, it separates you from love and takes away your sound mind.
It addles you so that you become obsessed with being scared, until you loose your mind completely.

So fear is nothing funny and not something that you should tolerate in yourself.
As soon as you notice a trace of fear in you, catch yourself, stick your nose back into Gods promises and replace every little bit by faith!
God is always faithful and He will give you the good life to enjoy, if you simply give Him access through your faith. 

Fear is the opposite of faith and just like faith meditates on Gods word and His promises, to bring them to pass, fear is meditating on the bad things that could happen, actually making them more likely to come to pass!
Wherever you are in fear, you have handed your authority over to your enemy and fear leaves you with no power, no love and no soundness of mind.
It is not okay to tolerate fear in yourself! Whenever you notice it, cast it out, replace it by Gods promise and realize that He is faithful! 
(2. Timothy 1,6-7 & Isaiah 41,10)