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Does Gods Will really Happen?

06 Jul 2018

Yet not my will but yours be done.

Luke 22,42

Far too many Christians nowadays don’t know Gods will for their lives anymore and neither do they know what He has planned for them. So then all they pray is “your will be done” and assume, that everything that happens afterwards is Gods will for them.

Now even though the willingness to let Gods will be done in their lives is good, it doesn’t mean that everything that happens afterwards is 100% Gods will for their lives, because on the example of Jesus we can see that at least two things are missing. 

When Jesus was in a great temptation, He prayed “your will be done” too, but the reason for why Gods will came to pass in the end and for why Jesus didn’t give up, wasn’t the “your will be done” part. It was the fact that Jesus knew exactly what Gods will was and could therefore make a direct choice which He could then walk in step by step. 

To truly live in 100% of Gods will for your life, you need to know His will for YOU first, because only then you can make the quality decision to let THAT specific will happen in your life.
Without knowing the will, God won’t be able to let His will happen, because due to your lack of knowledge He would be forcing something on you. He always gives you the choice though! (Hosea 4,6)

So don’t believe that everything happening to people, after they prayed “your will be done”, is 100% Gods will for them and especially for yourself. Let Him show you what His will for your situation actually is and then believe it and make the quality decision to yield to that will. Then you will come out of your situation and be able to tell everyone what Gods will for us truly looks like! 

Praying “your will be done” doesn’t automatically mean that everything that happens to you after is 100% Gods will. It is good that you want to yield to Him, but to actually see His will done you need to KNOW His will and then CHOOSE to yield to it!
Be willing to do things Gods way. Find out His will for you and then yield to it/do whatever He tells you to do. Only then you will see His will manifest in your life! (Luke 22,39-46)