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Cleansed for Your Freedom

05 Jul 2018

What God has made clean, you must not consider unclean.

Acts 10,15

This story here talks about how Peter took time to hear from God, pray to Him and spend time with Him, just as he usually does. But this time He didn’t just pray, because right in the middle of it the heaven opened and a large sheet with all kinds of things that are unclean for Jews came down. And God says: “Get up, slaughter and eat!”

Of course Peter reacted in a way that He was taught and how it was common, by almost becoming offended at those words and not eating, until he realized the freedom that God was teaching him in this appearance later on. 

Nowadays there is a lot of traditions too, that teach us that certain things are unclean and not pleasing God, especially things like financial overflow, complete healing and a life overflowing with good.
Tradition has taught us over the last hundreds of years that those things are not Gods will for us, even though God is saying something completely different. Even though God is saying: “Here, take it. It is good and clean. It will bring you freedom and peace!”

Come before God in prayer too and let Him show you what is good and clean and what is bad and unclean. Because if you live by traditions and think that you need to be poor and sick for God, then you will be like Peter, before whom the whole sheet filled with good things, blessed by God was, yet because of tradition he didn’t dare to take any of it.

If you live your faith by tradition and human role models, then it will only take you captive. When you live your faith by God and His word though, you will truly be free (saved). Already here on this earth!

Just like in the life of Peter, there are certain things in our lives that we have kept out, because tradition has taught us that it is bad and unclean before God.
These are good things, such as healing, financial abundance, a happy and satisfied life, expensive things, etc... We all have been wanting these things, yet tradition taught us that we have to get out of Gods will for our lives to get them. - This is wrong though!
Jesus pronounced wealth, health and joy, clean and useful in your life. Don’t wait with receiving it until it is too late. It’s laid out for you. Take it! (Acts 10,9-20)