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A reflection of Christ

04 Jul 2018

…even as he chose us in him (Christ) before the foundation of the world…

Ephesians 1,4

I am sure that you know that God himself is love. But did you ever realize that this is the reason for why love is not a feeling that is sometimes there and sometimes not?
God himself is consistent and always present, so it is the same way with love. Lived out love will cause feelings to be there, but true love is always a decision that you have to make.

Jesus himself is the best example of this love. Even before the world was created, He made the choice to love YOU and to therefore give himself for YOU.
That doesn’t only mean that giving is the greatest expression of love, but it also means that love is a decision that is made ONCE and then lasts FOREVER! 

This is hard to imagine if you think that love is just a feeling that is present as long as someone is giving something to you. But when you realize that love is a decision to give someone something instead of wanting to receive, then a love that never ceases is possible. 

So that is why Jesus`decision to love (give), made before the foundation of the world, is an image of the decision that should be made in marriage. 

Now no matter if you’re planning on getting married or already are, become conscious of that decision to love. If you haven’t done it before, make the decision to love your spouse and thereby be a giver in the relationship TODAY. 

That is how your marriage will flourish, be strong, be lasting and most of all perfect. For love is the bond of perfection! (Colossians 3,14) 

Even before the world was created, Jesus made the choice to love YOU. Not with a love that you earn by doing something, but with a love that only seeks to give and not take - with TRUE love!
That very decision is an image of what marriage should be like and what the act of getting married is all about. Make the commitment to love your spouse and be a giver, because you love, and not a taker, because you want to feel loved.
Jesus is the example and if you follow Him, your marriage will be strong, full of joy and everlasting! (Ephesians 1,3-6 & John 3,16)