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The Fire of God

02 Jul 2018

The angel of the Lord appeared to him in a flame of fire from within a bush. He looked - and the bush was ablaze with fire, but it was not being consumed.

Exodus 3,2

Many believe that God is the one bringing storms, disasters, destruction and other bad things, and especially in bad times God is spoken about more than any other time, even up to the point that I heard people say that God is a destroyer and life-taker. But now is this what the bible says or just ideas of men? 

Yes, God is a burning and strong fire, but like we can read here, the bush is not even damaged. Also in Acts we can read how fire fell on the disciples, yet it didn’t burn them. So what does that mean?

Just like natural fire has power to destroy everything, if it is hot enough, the same way does Gods fire have the power to save and heal everything, if it is hot enough! 

Gods fire is Gods power and when His fire is on/in someone, then Gods power comes on the scene.
His fire in me is the power that is burning all the dirt and purifying me, so that those indestructible qualities and abilities of God in me can come on display. So that Gods power can show up in my life. 

Just like an old, broken motor needs to be cleaned and fixed up to bring its full potential, so it is with you. As long as you have the junk of this world (anxieties, cares, old habits,…) in you, Gods full power that is already IN YOU cannot function properly. 

Receive His fire into your life. Become convicted that it does not destroy, but gives you the life of God, and then feed it daily. Once you burn with Gods fire, His power will overflow in your life too!

God often gets blamed for disasters, hurricanes, earthquakes, hail storms and any other kind of bad thing, and even when some read that God is a burning fire in the bible, they think of Him as a destructive force. But how can that be a GOOD God?
Yes, God is a burning fire, but when He comes in you, He doesn’t burn you up. Instead He removes the junk in your life that is blocking His very own abilities in YOU!
Settle it once and for all, that God is not the destroyer and life-taker. He gives life and purifies it unto perfection. Receive His fire and let it burn in you!
(Exodus 3,1-12 & Luke 3,15-16)