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Good Marriages

30 Jun 2018

Therefore as the church is subject unto Christ,
so let the wives be to their own husbands in every thing.
Husbands, love your wives…

Ephesians 5,24-25

Not many people enjoy reading those verses, especially women, but it is still the Word of God and the truth that will set you free from relationship troubles and even problems of other kinds, if you live by it. 

The reason why so many don’t like this verse is because submitting/subjecting is something degrading in our society. It is not that way with God though!
God actually requires YOU to submit to Him and to thereby follow Him, to receive anything. So to be able to submit is a good quality.

Moreover, it is important to realize that the man plays a part in this too. He is the one that is supposed to love His wife the same way that Christ loves the church, and even if you only know very little about Jesus, you will know that He NEVER forces anyone to do anything! - True love gives you the choice. 

So if men love their women that way, submitting is nothing negative or degrading. To the contrary.
It is what will bring you the blessing, sanctify you, cleanse you, make you free from spots and wrinkles and leave you with no blemish! 

Just observer the relationship between Christ and the church, and you will see that it is a privilege to submit and to thereby live in the blessing. 

Don’t go around trying to tell your partner what to do and what not to do though. YOU be the one to start fulfilling your role in the relationship, if you want to live a relationship like God has it planned for you, and the rest will fall in place! 

Women don’t like to hear that the bible teaches to submit to your husband, yet the only reason why women do not enjoy hearing that is because they didn’t read the next verse. To submit sounds bad, because you think that they can then force anything on you, yet men are to love their wives as Christ does the church, and Christ NEVER forces anything upon His church. He is always out to bless you!
So to submit is nothing bad or degrading. It actually honors you and makes you ready to receive blessings and to become glorious, without spots or wrinkles.
Therefore, love your wive as Christ loves the church, and submit to your husband! (Ephesians 5,21-33)