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Sucker or Sower?

29 Jun 2018

The leach hath two daughters/suckers, crying, Give, give.
There are three things that are never satisfied, Yea, four that say not, Enough.

Proverbs 30,15

We all know leaches and I am pretty sure that most would agree with me when I say that leaches are pretty repulsive and that I wouldn’t like to have one on me. But why are they so repulsive?

Leaches are suckers that suck your blood out of you, without asking you. You are not donating your blood to them, out of your free will, but instead they suck it out of you, uninvited. 

Now not only leaches are that way though. There are many people that are suckers and suck the “lifeblood” out of those people around them, uninvited!
Those suckers are the ones that are never satisfied with anything and that always demand something, and say things like: “Give, give!” and “not enough!”. 

Now God is not a sucker though, He is a giver/sower.
Givers are the opposite of suckers. They are those people that are always willing to help out, happy about everything, never shaken by anything and always having more than enough. (Luke 6,38)
It is the ones that act just like God himself, and therefore enjoy His blessing in their whole life and especially their relationships. 

Suckers are often found in relationships and most of us probably were suckers at some point, which sucked the lifeblood out of our partner, parents or someone else. But know, that this is NEVER the way to get what you desire! 

You can never suck enough blessing out of people, to be fully satisfied. Now on the other hand, you can give enough to let the blessing flow freely, until it surrounds you completely.

There are two kinds of people in this world. The ones that are suckers, always demanding, never satisfied and sucking out the lifeblood of people, and the givers, always willing to help out, always satisfied and always having more than enough! So now, are you a sucker or a giver?
Demanding things of people and forcing them to do things for you has never brought good relationships and peace, because that’s not what God is like.
Be a giver in all you do, especially your relationship, and you won’t have to suck your blessings out of anyone any longer, for it will simply flow freely!
(Proverbs 30,15 & Luke 6,38)