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Your new Name

25 Jun 2018

God appeared to Jacob… and blessed him.
And God said to him, “Your name is Jacob;
no longer shall your name be called Jacob, but Israel shall be your name.

Genesis 35,9-10

Here on the example of Jacob, out of whom all of Israel came forth, and also on the example of Abram and his wife, God is showing you a way of doing things, that has been unknown to many and might even sound a little strange to you. Yet it is full of Power. 

The first thing that God always does is to bless YOU.
No matter what you are facing, God always blesses you for your situation, and He even blessed you for everything that you will ever do already!

So after He pronounced the blessing over you, like on the example of Jacob, He gives you a new name, which leaves the old things behind and automatically puts you into the blessing and into His promise.
That is what He did when He named Jacob Israel, before there even was a people, and that is how He named Abram the father of many nations, before He even had a child. 

The last step is the most important though, which is your decision. You have been given a new name and now you can receive it, but to do so you have to be willing to let go of all doubt and silly thoughts, and step over your faith-line!

So if you are "the sick, the sad, poor, hurt, etc.", then God blessed you and gave you a new name.
He pronounced you “the healed, the joyous, the rich, the peaceful, etc.”, and now it is up to you to receive that name and actually call yourself by it, despite your circumstances. - That requires faith, ... but you have what it takes!

When you manage to turn your situation and your circumstances around in your mouth, by receiving your new God-given name, your circumstances will automatically align.

You might have been identifying yourself with the sick, the broke, the poor, the unfortunate, the miserable, or any other kind of “bad” person, yet in God you have a new name and a new identity, that is waiting for you to be received!
God already pronounced the blessing over you that will turn your situation around, and then He offered you a new name. Step across your faith-line and receive your new name, even before it manifested. First become the healed, the prosperous, the blessed and the loved one in your mouth, and then you will become it in your whole life too! (Genesis 35,6-15)