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It's really that Simple

24 Jun 2018

Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and keep it!

Luke 11,28

Jesus doesn’t just say nice words here to tickle your ears. He is showing you the way that will finally lead you into Gods will for you and thereby into His blessings. 

I used to think that I need to care of everything and make sure that everything happens the way it should, as soon as God sends me somewhere and tells me to do something.
Now Gods plans for my life and also for YOURS are so supernatural though, that we could never manage to live in them by ourselves, and if you then try to carry the care of your assignment, it will just destroy you and wear you down, instead of giving you life!

I experienced this to a certain degree myself when I had to deal with some things about university and certain things had to get done that were impossible to get done in the natural.
In that time I allowed the kind of thinking to get into my head, that told me that I have to care for everything and figure everything out, so that I can finally live in Gods plan. So I did for a while, until God took that burden off of me and showed me what that light, easy, refreshing and gentle “burden” is that He talks about in Matthew 11,28-30. 

This is what He told me. (Not as audible voice, but as an inner knowing and a conviction that is stronger than voices could ever be.) 

“When I give you an assignment, then you must not and don’t have the right to carry the care of it, just like you shouldn’t try to do it in your own ability.
I sent you and so it is MY part to bring those things to pass and make it all perfect. Your part is to simply follow my voice and then enjoy the blessing.
I take care of the rest and only I am authorized to take carry the care of it, because only I know how to handle it!”

Those words are also for you and your circumstances. You have an inner conviction and know that God prepared certain things for you and that those are His plan for you, yet it seems impossible. Don’t worry/care about it!
Simply do whatever He puts on your heart. If He tells you to wear a green shirt, wear green; if He tells you to speak to this person, speak to them; etc...

That is how you will enjoy Gods plan for you and that is how the process will be care-free and wonder-full! 

You should never do anything without being certain that God wants you to do it, but once you know that God sent you to do a specific thing, you have no business and actually no right to worry about it at all!
God sent you and so it is up to Him to get it done and put everything in the right place. All that you have to do is do whatever He tells you to do.
He sent you so it’s His responsibility to get it done. All you have to do is do whatever He told you to do and He takes care of the rest. (Luke 11,28 & Psalm 1)