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From Here into the Blessing

23 Jun 2018

Cornelius, your prayer has been heard
and your alms have been remembered before God.

Acts 10,31

When I used to read this passage with my understanding of the grace (unmerited favor) of the new covenant, then I always wondered why God had to wait for Cornelius prayers and alms, until He showed me the truth behind it. 

In the new covenant that we live under, it is not about our works anymore, but instead we receive and live according to the works of Jesus. That is why we can do so many great things and reach big goals in the new covenant, which we could have never reached under the old. 

Cornelius was a man though that lived by the old covenant, since he didn’t even know about the new one. That is why God had to wait to do something for Him and to speak to Him, until Cornelius did all the prayers and good works by himself. 

Now God didn’t only give me that revelation though. He also used this example to show me how He speaks to and leads people very individually and depending on their situation. Yet all that talking and guiding leads to one and the same goal, which is the new covenant.
God could reach Cornelius under the old covenant in His specific situation, yet because He reached Him there, Cornelius was lead into the new covenant and therefore into the true blessing!

So that means that God has spoken to you right here and now and over the past days and weeks. He told you what you have to do in your current situation, what you have to get done and what you should probably avoid. And when you check your heart, you know exactly what it is about. 

Don’t try and resist any longer and stop trying to work for peace here on earth by yourself. Simply follow Gods guidance and do what He tells you, no matter how relevant or irrelevant it might seem, because only He knows the best way out of your situation and only He knows how to guide you into heaven on earth!

God knows the exact situation you are in and He has been talking to you about it specifically. He never talks the same way to different people, for He knows each one too well. Yet He speaks to all of them and has one and the same goal - bringing their lives up to the point where heaven manifests on earth!
God has been speaking to you about certain things you need to do and need to change in your life over the past few weeks. What are those and why haven’t you acted upon them yet?
Be willing to follow Him and let Him lead you out of whatever situation you are in! (Acts 10,25-46)