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Make it Practical

22 Jun 2018

But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only,
deceiving your own selves.

James 1,22

It is vitally important for you to be focused on God and to hear His word. By that I don't just mean the words that He had recorded in the bible though. I am also talking about the words that He is speaking directly to your heart. 

Now even more important than just listening to those words is DOING them. 

The difference between seeing results in your life and just not having anything happen for you depends on whether you act upon what you heard or not. 

If I told you for example that I have a brand new car for you, but you still have to pick it up at the dealership. I told you the exact address and gave you instructions on how to get there, but as long as you just listened to it without actually going there to pick your new car up, you will NEVER enjoy it. 

That's exactly how it is when it comes to making the things in Gods word PRACTICAL.

If you enjoy the preaching about healing, financial breakthrough, restoration, success, etc., but now you actually want to see it in your life, then you simply have to follow the instructions and become a doer, 

because through the Word Gods power comes upon you, but through your doing that power flows out of you. 

So can you see that it always requires an action, to release the potential of God on the inside of you? 

He already gave you everything through His word and whatever it is that you need to do to release His power in a certain area, He has put on your heart. And now no matter if it is laying hands on someone, declaring something over your life, sowing, going somewhere, applying for something or doing something else, simply DO IT. 

On the inside of you, you already know what you have to do. Listen to that voice and follow it. That's how Gods word will become PRACTICAL in your life. 

If you are tired of just hearing about all the good that God has prepared for you, without ever seeing it in your life, then become a DOER of the word. 
By hearing Gods word, His power comes on the inside of you, but only through your doing that power will flow out of you, into your life and others lives. 
So listen closely what God said through His word and put on your heart and then DO IT. That's how His word becomes practical in your life. (James 1,22-25)